Pyramid Myth Busting

Posted by Adam Bousquet on April 13, 2011 at 11:26 PM

The most recent research has dispelled all the guesses about pyramidding being the result of overfeeding, too much protein, not enough calcium or UVB, and other assumptions. As a matter of fact, just about everything but the quality of air that they breather has been attributed as the cause. After extensive study with Sulcatas under different conditions it was found that the overwhelmingly main reason for pyramidding came down to the humidity conditions, epecially in the first 2 years; however this was still negliable . It should be noted that pyramidding commonly occurs in nature as well due to the natural conditions at the time and is not in any way exclusive of captivity.

Research finds that hydration is crucial; however pyramiding has little ill effect on the animal. The classic schools of thought blame overeating, calcium defficiancy, lack of uva/b , improper diet. reseach done has shown that these have no descernable consequence on the development of pyramiding. Genetics are proven related; however there is little else with realistic evidence.Pyramiding is ussually irrepitable, we at western mass  have had some sucess with decreasing pyrading through proper care an affection, however this is slow and far from drastic.

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